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Back at home, I really missed the place and I would of course look forward to the next trip to another exotic place.   Sponsored Links Answer   We visited Qualla Boundary, a town in Cherokee. The mountain scenery surrounding the town was a breathtaking sight. The traditional lifestyle of the Indians, the tribal crafts they made and the historical pageant played six times a week, presented to tourists a rough image of Cherokee in the 18th century. We also visited the souvenir shops which sold rubber tomahawks and war bonnets. There we befriended a local, George, who told us that besides trade, the "Bingo Weekend," where the tourists can enjoy various kinds of games in a large hall, is another source of income for them during off-tour seasons. Finally, we visited the town's museum where different kinds of arts, like handwoven baskets and carved figurines are displayed. ( 118 words )

The gold room is classy and comfortable. It has an accent wall of grey wallpaper with bold patterns of gold. The chair, cushions and throws are boldly gold, and the window treatments and art complement the subtle sophistication and richness of the room.

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Writing 043

writing 043


writing 043writing 043writing 043writing 043