Walgreens research papers

In order to relate sales levels to inventory levels sales managers measure inventory turnover. Management and financial analyst like to monitor the firm's ability to control Accounts Receivable. One measure of the ability to control Accounts Receivable is the accounts receivable turnover. This ratio indicates how rapidly collections occur. "Potential creditors often use debt to equity ratios to measure the extent to which the company has used borrowing to finance its activity." (Horngren et, 2006, pg 415). An analyst would use the ROA or return on assets to assess a firm's use of assets independently of how it financed those assets. Many analysts observe the return on equity or ROE ratio

I want to make a complain regarding the Walgreens located on 1511 86 street Brooklyn, ny 11228.
I went in to pick up pictures from the picture department all was well until I got home and found one of the 8×7 pictures was missing. so I went back and the lady that was there checked the machine and found that it got stuck in the printer. She was nice and apologetic, as I got home and went through the pictures I saw someone else’s pictures with my pictures and some of my pictures were missing. So I went back and the “photo guy” that was there was such a a**hole he took the pictures and slammed them on the counter like I did something wrong and started counting the pictures and slamming them down. His sarcasm was so disrespectful he said ” your pictures are all here have a nice day”( and throws the pictures on the table) his name was (MATHIAS). So I asked to speak the the manager (JUSTIN MARINO) who was just as sarcastic as the photo guy , who did absolutely nothing to help and when I told him how the photo guy treated us he simply said “I’ll speak to him”. *****( Corporate I hope u read this because these are the people you have working and representing your company. The incompetence is unbelievable , no costumer should be treated the way I was treated. you’ve just lost a loyal customer

Walgreens research papers

walgreens research papers


walgreens research paperswalgreens research paperswalgreens research paperswalgreens research papers