Volcanoe essay

Well you better try harder than that. Your supposed knowledge is lacking…I do in fact know what convection currents are, but it is obvious that you do not. Convection currents are created from heat rising to the surface of the water. Woah? What? yeah that’s right, it is caused from heat escaping from the earths crust via plates pushing together or open fissures in the earths crust and rising to the “surface”. Yes the surface, you know because of that widely known physics fact? Heat rises? The heat rising causes currents from the movement of its rise. It however does not heat up currents. Heat will always rise to the surface no matter what fantasy world you mentally live in. Not only will you not metaphorically or physically be able to kick my ass, you disgrace your use of the word science with ignorance and half truths. Give it up pea brain, you are a liar and a complete dumb fuck. Oh and I apologize for using proper grammar, I do not have the luxury of blaming my ignorance on my phone. Lmao, you are a real clown

The cause of volcanic eruptions is simply magma finding a path out on to the surface of the Earth crust. These paths are usually cracksfissures in the crust, due to the movement plate tectonics. Magma being lighter in density than the surrounding rock, eventually comes to the Earth’s surface. The actual eruption is of two types:
1. The lava is acidic and in nature and viscous. The lava flow is slow and thick and therefore has greater pressure. The resulting eruption is explosive. Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines is an example.
2. The lava is highly fluid and of darker color. It flows larger distances and forms basalt plateaus. Mauna Kea in Hawaii is an example.

Volcanoe essay

volcanoe essay


volcanoe essayvolcanoe essayvolcanoe essayvolcanoe essay