Television advantages disadvantages essay

-    There is feedback; when distributing flyers, there is a face to face interaction between the marketer and the consumer, this makes it easy for a company to know how consumers are reacting towards its product or service. This also helps a company to improve on their service delivery so as to meet consumers’ needs. Flyers marketing also will enable an individual to explain into detail benefits of his/her product or service and get immediate consumers reactions.
Flyers marketing are also disadvantageous to some extent and the following are some of its set backs;

Less expensive - Several miles of optical cable can be made cheaper than equivalent lengths of copper wire. This saves your provider (cable TV, Internet) and you money. Thinner - Optical fibers can be drawn to smaller diameters than copper wire. Higher carrying capacity - Because optical fibers are thinner than copper wires, more fibers can be bundled into a given-diameter cable than copper wires. This allows more phone lines to go over the same cable or more channels to come through the cable into your cable TV box. Less signal degradation - The loss of signal in optical fiber is less than in copper wire. Light signals - Unlike electrical signals in copper wires, light signals from one fiber do not interfere with those of other fibers in the same cable. This means clearer phone conversations or TV reception. Low power - Because signals in optical fibers degrade less, lower-power transmitters can be used instead of the high-voltage electrical transmitters needed for copper wires. Again, this saves your provider and you money. Digital signals - Optical fibers are ideally suited for carrying digital information, which is especially useful in computer networks. Non-flammable - Because no electricity is passed through optical fibers, there is no fire hazard. Lightweight - An optical cable weighs less than a comparable copper wire cable. Fiber-optic cables take up less space in the ground. Flexible - Because fiber optics are so flexible and can transmit and receive light, they are used in many flexible digital cameras for the following purposes:

Getting the right ad and message on a billboard is critical! Making outdoor advertising accessible to local businesses and easy to buy is important to the industry as well. Outdoor advertising can now be bought online like internet and other social media ads. Digital billboards are affordable – make your business or product standout! Get pricing in real-time, start with any budget, pick your location, change your messages when you want, and verify media placement by board or by market in real-time Learn why small business owners like billboards: https:///watch?v=2le6JAcyGrI

Television advantages disadvantages essay

television advantages disadvantages essay


television advantages disadvantages essaytelevision advantages disadvantages essaytelevision advantages disadvantages essaytelevision advantages disadvantages essay