Strawman structuring essays

The pyramid laws are much less clear. We have the FTC section 5 “unfair and deceptive” words, and we have a few extremely egregious examples of pyramid schemes that have been shut down, mostly for a high recruitment reward, either in cash or front loading, but the closest court defined retail sale level resulting in the primary source for bonuses being somewhere between 5% and 100%, a very large range. However, the word “primary” and “primarily” are often used, which suggests 50%, or some small range around this level based on other factors, is reasonable.

Teaching Alters to Stay in Position
Some alters don’t like to stay in position. But through the use of drugs, and the side effect of drugs, they soon learn the importance of staying in position. If they are disobedient, the memory of the bad side effects from not staying in position in the mind can be pulled up by a code and the alter can relive the pain from having disobediently moved from position. This is very effective in teaching alters to stay in their little position that is assigned them in the mind.

And when I say “impossible” body, I mean it. Having the “perfect” body isn’t just built in the gym or on the dinner plate, it’s built in the womb. Genetics and bone structure dictate far more than can be achieved via workouts. The barrel-chested guy with the short waist (like, er, me) is never going to have the swimmer’s build. The ectomorph isn’t going to get the swole arms and chest of Brad Pitt. If you don’t have the right combination of genes, you can work out as hard as you want, starve yourself as much as you can and  still not get those picture perfect abs.

Strawman structuring essays

strawman structuring essays