Process essay chocolate chip cookies

I’m doing a project about the company Fair Trade. Basically, they are a company that makes sure that producers, which are usually small-time farms, are getting payed what their product is worth. Although people say to buy products marked with the Fair Trade symbol, because it usually means they use all fairly traded ingredients, it may not always be true. let’s take Neslté for example, just because they are the big company that is being picked on in the media lately. They released a Fair Trade Kit Kat a while back. They claimed that they bought around 9 600 tones of Fair Trade certified cocoa per year. This seems like a lot, but not compared to the 365 000 tonnes of cocoa they buy in TOTAL a year, for Kit Kats. That’s only just under 3% fair trade certified cocoa.

If we’re going to allow workflow specialization and the handoffs that result, then we will also need some agreement about what results to expect at each handoff. We can do that by defining some simple work standards or standard procedures for each state. These do not have to be complicated or exhaustive. Here, they are simple bullets or checklists drawn directly on the task board. They only need to be sufficient to avoid misunderstanding between producers and consumers. These standards are themselves made and owned by the team, and they can change them as necessary according the practice of kaizen . Putting them in a soft medium like a whiteboard or a wiki reinforces the notion of team ownership.

Process essay chocolate chip cookies

process essay chocolate chip cookies


process essay chocolate chip cookiesprocess essay chocolate chip cookiesprocess essay chocolate chip cookiesprocess essay chocolate chip cookies