Past hsc geography essay questions

Hi Vikas,
I don’t have any idea about your background, so I am not going to say anything about you. But if you don’t want to write in English, then first you should check if you can change your medium of examination from the website of UPSC. Otherwise, remember that you have the time of more than 6 months and I think it is long enough period to improve your English writing skill. You should start writing something in English and keep it on until you get a confident. Remember that practice is what which make everything possible to you. You must have heard the dialogues of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in KBC “Sikhana bandh toh jitana bandh”. So if you utilize your time in proper way, then there will be nothing away from you. You can get whatever you want.

Hello Sir,
I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Economics. I am looking at government jobs because of the prestige and the security attached. That was one of the reasons I filled up the RBI Assistant form. However some searching on the internet made me realize that its basically clerical in nature and moreover the pay per annum comes to just about 3 lakhs. I w3ant to know what are the future prospects of this job , how many promotions can I expect in the long run. If I do get through and accept this job is there any chance of reaching an officer status in say 3-4 years ?
Please help.

Past hsc geography essay questions

past hsc geography essay questions


past hsc geography essay questionspast hsc geography essay questions