Overcrowding prison essays

ATMORE, AL—Telling the prison’s roughly 1,000 men that “today’s your lucky day,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions reportedly dropped a pile of weapons in Holman Correctional Facility’s main yard Wednesday before ordering inmates to reduce overcrowding by 30 percent. “Here’s the situation—we only got room for 700, so all I’m gonna say is this: get it done,” Sessions barked into a bullhorn as a group of subordinates spilled an assortment of melee weapons including knives, lead pipes, heavy chains, and sharpened hand tools onto the cement basketball court. “I don’t care who does what or how you go about it. But going forward, if you want to be part of the Holman population, I suggest you energetically take part in today’s exercise.” Sessions went on to say that nonviolent offenders would likely be at a disadvantage but, if they were lucky, might find the single gun he placed in the pile.

Marijuana Arrest Figures from 2012 Released by Attorney General's Office
According to the report, there were 13,434 felony marijuana arrests in California in 2012, continuing a downward trend from 14,082 in 2011. Hispanics were the most-arrested ethnic group, with 4953 felony arrests, followed by whites (4617), blacks (2745) and other races (1119).
Misdemeanor marijuana arrests took a nosedive in 2011 because under an ounce became an infraction that year; infractions are not tallied in the AG's report. Marijuana misdemeanor arrests came in at 7768 in 2012, almost identical to the number in 2011 (7764).

Overcrowding prison essays

overcrowding prison essays


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