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This data is produced by the National Hurricane Center Risk Analysis Program (HURISK) by Charles Neumann. The basic idea is that a population of tropical cyclones falling within the 65 nm (75 miles) circle is obtained from the best-track file. For that set of storms, the maximum wind within the circle is found. Then, a count is conducted to find how many systems had winds of 30-34 kt, 35-39 kt etc. Once the count is known, a function is used to "fit" the distribution. Since there are only a few intense tropical cyclones typically in the 100-year record for a particular site, the mathematical function helps to smooth this out and "fill in the holes" so to speak. The smooth function is then used to estimate the number of systems that would occur over a longer time period. We would expect that if we actually had a much longer historical record (several centuries) that the number of extreme events (., category 5 hurricanes) observed would roughly match our estimates based on the shorter period of record.

Sorry, I’m talking about flash based storage in general, not SSDs pretending to be HDs. Maybe some brands of SSDs are having reliability issues, but not the ones I’ve seen. OWC is selling enterprise grade SSDs which are very reliable. And Apple has been ahead of the curve for flash adoption for the past several years by incorporating PCIe based flash modules. MacBook Airs aren’t having any reliability problems and the speed gains from them using SSD is easily noticed. And iOS devices are not slowing down after a few years like, for example, Nexus 7 does due to using flash.

Long should average college essay

long should average college essay


long should average college essaylong should average college essaylong should average college essaylong should average college essay