Interprofessional working essays

Health care improvement and continuing professional education must be better understood if we are to promote continuous service improvement through interprofessional learning in the workplace. We propose that situating interprofessional working, interprofessional learning, work-based learning, and service improvement within a framework of social learning theory creates a continuum between work-based interprofessional learning and service improvement in which each is integral to the other. This continuum provides a framework for continuing interprofessional development that enables service improvement in the workplace to serve as a vehicle through which individual professionals and teams can continually enhance patient care through working and learning together. The root of this lies in understanding that undertaking improvement and learning about improvement are co-dependent and that health care professionals must recognize their responsibility to improve as well as complete their everyday work. We believe that significant opportunities exist for health care commissioners, service providers, and educational institutions to work together to promote continuing interprofessional development in the workplace to enhance patient outcomes, and we outline some of the opportunities we believe exist.

This module is a core module that will explore the opportunities that are emerging for identifying more flexible career pathways between professional roles in order to gain greater understanding and respect for differences between professions.  The module will develop and pursue issues concerning the different roles and responsibilities in a shared learning environment between professionals from different disciplines to ensure understanding of each others' roles and responsibilities in an increasingly complex workforce landscape. This will enable a deeper engagement about how we can develop robust, long lasting and trusting relationships in the workplace where each discipline is recognised for its skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate delivery of services that will improve better outcomes for children, young people and their families. Students' will consider their personal and professional role in relation to another discipline through job profiling, using online materials and where possible role substitution, shadowing or exchange visits.

Interprofessional working essays

interprofessional working essays


interprofessional working essaysinterprofessional working essaysinterprofessional working essaysinterprofessional working essays