History coursework

General Education Prerequisites Exemption – If you have (or will complete in May) a Bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited . college or university, you may claim an exemption from the General Education Prerequisites. If you claim the General Education exemption then only your Math and Science prerequisite coursework will be included in the GPA calculation. IMPORTANT – Claiming the General Coursework Exemption is optional . If you choose to claim the General Coursework Exemption, you must have a GPA or higher in your Math & Science coursework to be considered for an interview.

Preserving this cultural material is of paramount importance, but it still presents complex challenges to our society. Conservation professionals are those who embrace these challenges with passion, commitment and dedication. By melding art with science, conservation professionals protect our heritage, preserve our legacy, and ultimately, save our treasures for generations to come.

Future generations should not be deprived of knowing and understanding their history, because priceless artifacts were allowed to fall into disrepair.

History coursework

history coursework


history courseworkhistory courseworkhistory courseworkhistory coursework