Help me in my reports

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I had an account go into collections that I noticed using CreditKarma, which apparently gets their info from Transunion. My score dropped 21 points when it was reported. I had actually never incurred the debt, I sent two certified letters(one to the collection agency and one to Transunion) with a cancelled check paid on time to the original creditor…. Transunion sent me a letter with the results of the investigation listed as “Deleted”…. My credit score went back up immediately, but only 10 points.. Shouldn’t it go back to the original score I had?? especially since it was proven to be inaccurate information? When I sent the letters I requested the false information be “expunged” not deleted…. The way it looks to me is that there would be no difference if the negative information just sort of expired due to whatever statutes, not completely erased as it should be since It was no fault of mine… Am I incorrect? Thanks~~

Help me in my reports

help me in my reports


help me in my reportshelp me in my reportshelp me in my reportshelp me in my reports