Essay on my school bag

Thanks to their continued mentoring I was finally able to convert my RSM Application. The experience has been absolutely amazing & extremely streamlined. Their step by step process of asking me everything about my previous experiences starting from my childhood to my current state is quite an unprecedented practice that I have not seen any other admission counsellor do. And the way they structure all of those experiences into a cohesive & detailed prose is very remarkable. Overall, I'm completely impressed with MIM Essay & would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help for preparing his master's application.

I’d just like to say something to the people who are saying that essay writing is all about coaching et al. Well, I have to disagree with that … I came up with my own idea for my somewhat odd (math-related) essay for my common-app./main essay … and then ran it past my college councilor, who looked at it and decided that it wasn’t what she’d normally go with, but she was okay with me using it, as it suited me. She gave me tips on what I should do for other various essays that the schools I applied to wanted … I wrote those essays, and then I had my sister and mum read them, and we through out the majority of most of them. About the only one that we kept in tact was the one that I wrote without the assistance of my college councilor, the one on Who am I?, which I basically wrote in the form of “If I were an animal, I would be a …; if I were a vehicle, I would be a …” and so on with explanations of what it all meant. I doubt my college councilor would have thought all that much of it. After a serious revamping of my essays, I handed them back to my sister (five years older than I am) to edit for grammar and spelling. She gave a few suggestions here and there, and we discovered that I’m best at editing sentences when smashing nilla wafers to bits for use in baked goods; this is how I ended up rewriting the sentences with issues. Now, I don’t think that is part of any essay coaching regime, and it was certainly far more productive than any essay workshops that my high school did with us. Furthermore, for one of my essays which gave the prompt of “Two by Two” I’m pretty sure my college councilor would have thrown out the essay entirely, since I did it on how many ants it would take for them to march in lines of up to ten by ten … given that the little one stops each time and they move on to marching in rows of one fewer, but hey, I liked it …
Now you’re probably wondering what I could possibly be getting at, I mean, how do I know my essays and applications were any good? Well, I got into all eight colleges that I applied to, so they can’t have been terrible. I didn’t do much in the way of sports … I did rock climbing as my PE for high school most years, I had good grades, but they weren’t spectacular, they were enough for honor roll but not all As, and I got inducted into cum laude my senior year, not junior year, so I wasn’t the top of my class. I was part of a by audition choral group, but it took me three tries to get in … taking voice lessons the whole time. I managed relatively good SAT scores, and my AP math scores were good, AP French, not so much … I was a slightly above average student, I guess you could say. I didn’t apply to any Ivy League schools, as they didn’t suit me, but I applied to some pretty darn good schools (Carnegie Mellon, University of Rochester, Tufts …), and I managed to get accepted to all eight. I really have no idea what made me all that appealing to the schools, but it certainly was ***not*** coaching. My college councilor saw maybe two of my essays total … and those were probably edited later. I did most of the editing myself (crushing nilla wafers in a plastic bag with the heel of my hand) — obviously it’s hard to catch your own missing word, since you tend to read it in when you go back over the piece, and sometimes its easier for someone else to pick out the sentence that isn’t conveying what you mean quite so well.

Essay on my school bag

essay on my school bag


essay on my school bagessay on my school bagessay on my school bagessay on my school bag