Dangerous driving habits thesis statement

I wonder where the auto insurance companies are on this issue. As people use cell phones and text (and watch DVDs on their dash!) while driving, accident rates must be responding. And it is not at all difficult to track usage by time and date, thereby allowing someone to determine if a cell phone was actively being used as an accident occurred. So why don’t insurance companies include a provision in their policies that will preclude a person’s recovery from damages due to their use of a cell phone? (Those injured by the user could, of course, still obtain insurance proceeds from the user, but the user would then have to pay a much larger premium.) In an ideal world, maybe. But it would be a good deterrent, no?

Reminders of roadside perils are now entrenched in urban landscapes, with poignant “ghost bike” memorials for cyclists as well as the “Slow Down, Kids at Play” signage organized in 2014 by residents of a Toronto neighbourhood after the death of seven-year-old Georgia Walsh, killed by a van rolling through a red light. Some 15,000 signs have been distributed from Victoria to Charlottetown, says organizer Meghan Sherwin: “Interest tends to be spurred by a recent child pedestrian death and/or frustration with the lack of traffic-calming measures.”

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Dangerous driving habits thesis statement

dangerous driving habits thesis statement


dangerous driving habits thesis statementdangerous driving habits thesis statementdangerous driving habits thesis statementdangerous driving habits thesis statement