Culture clash essay

These influences cause many conflicts and negative effect such as negative emotions and feelings towards oneself or others. Confusion is one of the main emotions felt by people who experience culture clash in their lives. A person may get one message from one culture and another message from another culture creating confusion in their lives on which one to follow or which one is more important. Stress and misunderstanding are also negative emotions caused by the influence of different cultures clashing. People who are influenced by many cultures and are not properly educated about them tend to misunderstand the cultures and misunderstand the people who really belong to them. This creates stress for the people who really belong to the culture because they are misunderstood. Discrimination and racism are common feelings felt by individuals who are influenced by many cultures and feel misunderstood.

Illegality | Illegal entry into the United States is overwhelmingly a post-1965 and Mexican phenomenon. For almost a century after the adoption of the . Constitution, no national laws restricted or prohibited immigration, and only a few states imposed modest limits. During the following 90 years, illegal immigration was minimal and easily controlled. The 1965 immigration law, the increased availability of transportation, and the intensified forces promoting Mexican emigration drastically changed this situation. Apprehensions by the . Border Patrol rose from million in the 1960s to million in the 1970s, million in the 1980s, and million in the 1990s. Estimates of the Mexicans who successfully enter illegally each year range from 105,000 (according to a binational Mexican-American commission) to 350,000 during the 1990s (according to the . Immigration and Naturalization Service).

Culture clash essay

culture clash essay


culture clash essayculture clash essayculture clash essayculture clash essay