Carnivore vs vegetarian essay

Meat is a second class protein. The animals being killed for meat consumption all obtained their protein from the grass or grain that they ate….by then eating them, you are getting the protein second-hand. They are all vegetarians just like the longest living animals on earth..all vegetarians. Additionally, a detailed examination of human anatomy and physiology demonstrates that humans were designed to be plant eaters. As for being superfit, well many of the worlds toughest athletes and ironmen/ironwomen are vegetarians (including Hugh Jackman who gained some 10kgs of muscle for the Wolverine film series by eating only plant foods. Last years’Tough Mudder World Champion female contestant was Juliana Sproules, a vegan. (This is a Special Forces combat course contest)
I do realise, and I empathise with you, just how hard it is to make the transition to a healthy plant diet. Let me know how you go in your goal of healthy eating, superfitness and longevity. Regards Graham

So we’re left with the perpetual paleontological problem of what an animal could have done and what it actually did. Perhaps Allosaurus both bit at its prey and swung its skull like a tooth-studded hatchet, making it a more versatile predator and perhaps explaining why it’s apparently so much more common in Morrison Formation rocks than any of its competitors. And that makes me feel sorry for the baby sauropods that walked into the fern-covered floodplains and conifer stands of the Late Jurassic world. Imagine hearing the snap of a twig, turning at the sound to see the sky blocked out by a set of serrated teeth swinging down on you from above.

I’m not currently a vegetarian, and am just looking into this lifestyle. This was an interesting article and very informative. I do have one question though. You say people shouldn’t drink milk , but I wonder what would happen to all the milk if no one drank it – just throw it away? And what would be the point of a dairy cow. Would people cease to raise them? Because it would way too much
trouble to milk a cow every day if not for the milk. Sorry for the possibly dumb questions, just trying to understand this..

Carnivore vs vegetarian essay

carnivore vs vegetarian essay


carnivore vs vegetarian essaycarnivore vs vegetarian essaycarnivore vs vegetarian essaycarnivore vs vegetarian essay